How To Integrate Jenkins & Maven With Selenium?

QAutomation News / By Himanshu Sheth

Jenkins is one of the popular tools for continuous integration, build management, and automation testing. Maven is a popular build automation tool that is widely used for Java projects. The combination of Selenium, Maven, Jenkins integration is the pinnacle of continuous integration and deployment.

As a part of automation testing, we’re sure your team comes up with numerous Selenium test automation scripts every other day. As Selenium itself is not used for Continuous integration, Selenium, Maven, and Jenkins integration are leveraged for build management and continuous integration. In this article, we look at the usage of Maven and Jenkins with Selenium.

Overview Of Selenium, Maven, & Jenkins

Maven is a popular build automation tool that is primarily used for Java projects. The advantage of using Maven is that Java libraries and plugins are downloaded on a dynamic basis from the Maven 2 Central Repository.

The dependencies and other essential build-related information are stored in a pom.xml file of the project. Once downloaded, the dependencies are stored in a local cache (.M2 repository), and the same is used for build generation. This simplifies the build process, as any new project dependency has to be added only in pom.xml, i.e., no manual downloading and installation packages are required.

Selenium is a widely used test automation framework for validating web applications across different combinations of browsers, platforms, and devices (or emulators). You can refer to our blogs on how Selenium Grid can be used for automated browser testing.

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