How to Handle Actions Class in Selenium?

QAutomation News / By  Shalini Baskaran

Selenium has been widely used in automating web applications as it stands out from other testing tools by providing numerous ways to test those applications. No matter how complex the UI is, Selenium provides multiple options to automate it thereby reducing or completely wiping away the manual effort. When it comes to testing Windows-based applications or any standalone applications, we have different tools like QTP/UFT which perform user actions in the window handles.

What Is Actions Class In Selenium?

Actions like clicking a button, entering a keyword in the search bar are prime examples of how we use a mouse or keyboard. These interactions are done through the mouse and the keyboard can be automated by using the Actions class in Selenium. As the name suggests, the Actions class contains a collection of actions that can be performed in a web application.

It is quite easy to understand what is Actions class in Selenium, the tricky part is implementing it. The actions that can be performed in a browser are broadly classified into two categories namely-

  1. Mouse actions
  2. Keyboard actions

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