Top 10 Codeless Testing Tools For 2021

QAutomation News / By  Rahul Jain 

With the advancement and growth in technology and the arrival of DevOps and Agile, the software testing industry is witnessing numerous changes. Software Testing has traversed a long path from manual testing to record-and-playback sophisticated testing tools, then to test automation, and now to codeless automated testing.

World Quality Report, 2020–2021, says that not having advanced programming know-how and expertise is considered one of the critical challenges when applying automated testing to agile projects. We could perhaps state, the development of codeless testing tools is a promising solution to the challenge.

This blog is all about taking you through the top codeless testing tools you should look forward to in 2021. However, before jumping to that, let’s understand the What and Why of codeless automated testing.

What is Codeless Automated Testing?

Codeless automated testing means executing automation testing without using any script. Writing automated scripts could be challenging for QA engineers as the code required to be written in every suitable programming language is arduous and time-consuming.

With codeless automated testing, you can minimize the testing time over repetitive test cases without any coding efforts. There are many codeless testing tools available in the market, which encompass a set of built-in features without any complicated coding. Some of the significant features include:

  • Drag and Drop interface.
  • Record and Playback.
  • Integrations of ML or AI technologies.
  • Lower maintenance.

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