How To Speed Up Selenium Test Cases Execution?

QAutomation News / by  Himanshu Sheth

The primary intent of Selenium automation testing is to expedite the testing process. In the majority of the cases, automation tests using Selenium perform exceptionally better than the manual counterparts. However, there might be possibilities to speed up Selenium tests using Selenium test automation best practices to its truest potential. I have come across umpteen cases in my career where there was potential to speed up selenium tests.

There are choices for using different types of waitsdifferent types of web locators, different browser preferences, and making the wisest choices can aid in speeding up the Selenium tests. When looking to speed up Selenium tests, you should also look at optimizing the Selenium test infrastructure as that can significantly boost the speed of test execution.

In this blog, we cover Selenium web testing best practices primarily from a speed and performance point of view. By the end of it, you would be better positioned to…

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