How To Integrate Cucumber With Jenkins?

QAutomation News / By  Piyusha

Cucumber is an open-source BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) testing tool for automation testing of web applications. It remains to be one of the best frameworks for functional and acceptance testing. This is because of its widespread adoption in the open-source community, enhanced natural language support, and the ability to support new programming languages quickly. Almost all organizations that use Selenium prefer to integrate Selenium with Cucumber since Cucumber makes it easy to read and understand the application flow. To schedule test case executions remotely, we can also go for Cucumber with Jenkins integration and utilize the immense benefits of Jenkins.

Getting Started with Cucumber Jenkins Setup

Cucumber is well-known for agile development of web applications and reporting the results. With an easy-to-understand language, powerful plugins, and a straightforward integration with Selenium, starting Cucumber with Jenkins integration has never been easier.

Before we begin, let’s understand why you need Cucumber with Jenkins integration in the first place. Here’s why- Cucumber acts as a bridge between:

  1. Manual Tester and Developers.
  2. Software Engineer and Business Analyst.
  3. Manual Tester and Automation Tester.

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